Monday, June 13, 2005

baby it's you 

so new boy. yes, there always is. but this one, this one is different. honestly it is. a) i know him. he's my friend. we've been friends. ive known him for at least 5 years. i have his number. i call him. he calls me. you know, we hang out. its not one of those faraway crush thingies. b) a lot of people know there's "something" between us. ive told a lot of people that yeah, im kinda feelin him. haha. which is definitely different for me. because i usually tell one person and thats it. but right now, about... 6 or 7 people know. i hope to keep it at that. c) i can feel somethin happenin. ok. i know it sounds lame but we get along so well. and we keep getting closer and closer. and yeah, we flirt and everything but i think we're both starting to realize that maybe this "just friends" thing isnt working. or at least, i hope so.

so yes, i promise ill go for it this time. what's the worst that can happen right? and maybe, just maybe, ill get what i want for once.

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