Friday, March 12, 2004

wont somebody catch me?? 

so yes, i fell. hard. and yes, it hurt. a lot. i honestly dont know what to do with myself. i wasn't in love. i was only in love with the idea of love. if that makes any sense to you. now that i think about it, i could only even almost say that i've seriously been in love once. other than that, it wasn't real. that doesn't really change anything. it still hurts to hear someone you like, even if its just a little bit, say they like someone else. you learn that in elementary school when you have your first crush. i'm sick of falling so hard. and then realizing that it wasn't real. and then doing it over and over again. each time faling for a new person. and never doing anything about it, even when i say i will.

so as of right now, i solemnly swear to go for what i want. to live without regrets. and to put my heart on the line when i know that's how i feel. i want to be happy for once. i want to do something for myself. i want someone to catch me...

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