Saturday, December 13, 2003

cuz we're living in a material world... 

so i was watching this thing on 20/20 last night (noo not the michael jackson thing, although i did see that too) but anyways, there were a bunch of teenage girls from like 13-19 talking about wearing tiffany's jewelry and buying coach purses. materialistic teens. nothing new. but god, just watching it made me feel stupid. do you really need a $200 purse that can barely fit all your makeup?!?it's ricockulus how much people my age spend on things. and the worst part was that they acted like nothing was wrong. some of their parents didn't have problems with it even. i'll admit that i can be pretty materialistic at times. but my guess shoes and matching guess purse is as far as i'll go. i don't mind buying a plain black purse at target instead of basically the same thing at prada or something. doing charity work was one of the ways suggested to make the shopaholics change. but one girl mentioned that donating her clothes when they got out of style was about all she'd do, and she didn't have money to give, but still had enough to get designer pants. that makes me sick. you can spend $100 on a pair of pants, but can't sacrifice $20 to people who don't even have food?? what has the world come to. so as the holiday season is approaching, realize that there are people in the world who have nothing to celebrate besides the fact that they're alive. realize that some kid would be happy to open up a pair of mittens on christmas morning while you add an abercrombie and fitch shirt to your list. realize that you should be happy you can get those things because most can't. and maybe next time you go shopping, something will click, and you'll pass on buying that louis vutton wallet or that plain shirt with a designer label.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

jus one of those days... 

Virgo:You might wake up feeling a little under the weather, perhaps too tired to go anywhere, and you'll want to stay in. Perhaps this is the best course of action for today. You may be tired and a bit stressed out, dear Virgo, and more vulnerable than usual to any bugs may be going around at this time. Drink lots of juices, and get some rest. Tomorrow you'll probably feel much better!

oh god how true that horoscope is!! i woke up today and just knew it was gonna be one of those days. It wasn't the worst day of my life or anything, nothing embarrassing or terrible happened, but it was just so blahh. as most thursdays are. It went by way too slow. Yes, I'm under a lot of stress right now. so much going on in my life. i just can't wait till break. i couldn't concentrate today. nothing clicked in my mind. i was just out there. and then i came home,did some homework, and slept for an hour and a half. and now i feel a little better. hopefully tomorrow will be okay. i'm not really sure what's wrong. there's just school and friends and family and just everything!! and yeah, i'm 15, it's normal to freak outt like this, i know. I'm just dealing one day at a time. tomorrow's friday. thing's will get better. i know they will.

Monday, December 08, 2003

love is in the air... 

it seems like everyone i know is in love right now. everyone has those high school crushes or boyfriends. the ones that you want to believe will last forever, even if you're pretty sure it won't. it's makin me kinda sad. i don't have that right now. i'm not head over heels for some cute guy in geometry class or anything. and while all my friends are talking about how they get weak in the knees every time they see that special someone, i have nothing to say. i miss it. i'm usually the one who obsesses over boys. but now as people talk about how their heart pounds just thinking about someone, i can't even imagine what it's like. no one has made me get that feeling in a long time. of course, there are those guys that im like ohh he's hott and stuff but that's different. my world hasn't stopped for one guy. my notebook isn't covered with I <3______. there just hasn't been a boy who's made me go "wow". jus no one i can really feel that way with. and it sucks because those high school sweethearts are all part of life. those huge dramatic break ups make things a lil more interesting. and having that person who makes you stop dead in your tracks, makes your heart pound, makes your knees get weak and makes you hold your breath, is an indescribable feeling. one that i know will come when i least expect it.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Blogger, huh?? well, i already have a xanga and a diaryland. let's see how this one goes, shall we?? nothing too much to say. this is numero uno. things will change.

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